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Lead Times

Please see here for the current status of backorders.

Current Lead Times are as follows:

B/P: 12 weeks (100% booked until after our shutdown)

H20: 12 weeks (100% booked until after our shutdown)

H32: 12 weeks (100% booked until after our shutdown)

Currently new tooling can range from 10-13 weeks depending on size and complexity.  PPAP and samples will be provided 2 weeks from receiving tooling at Ancast.  


Summer Maintenance Shutdown

Our summer shutdown is July 14th to Aug 7th.  That means that currently (May 2nd), orders must be placed by the following dates to be poured before we shutdown.  Please place orders as soon as possible if you require delivery before mid August.

**Update May 4th** A lot of orders came in very quickly for all molding lines.  We expect that some of these orders may be cancelled as we get closer to shutdown.  Please contact Sandra Stril or check back here for up to date availability.