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Backorder Update

Feb 16, 2018

We continue to work through our backorder despite continuing mechanical and water main issues this week.  Production is being run Saturday and maintenance crews and contractors are working through the long weekend.

The BP and H20 are roughly 2.5 weeks from being caught up and the H32 is roughly 3.5 weeks from being back to current.

We are continuing to work with customers to shuffle orders around and run minimum quantities required to keep lines running.  If you’d like to discuss please don’t hesitate to contact Sandra or myself.

Please note, Monday Feb 19th is a holiday in Manitoba and we will be closed.


Jeff Herdman,


Updated Feb 12, 2018

The week of Feb 5th ended strong.  Production and maintenance continued over the weekend.

The BP and H20 are both roughly 3 weeks from being current.  The H32 is 4 weeks from being caught up.  The weeks following are booked to our target capacity and our current lead time lead times allow us to start working comfortably ahead of schedule into April.

Thank you for your patience,



Updated Feb 7, 2018

Production has run well this week so far.  Current lead times can be seen here.


Jeff Herdman


Update Feb 2, 2018

I apologize for the delayed update.  On Wednesday Jan 31, water was found leaking out of our parking lot.  By Wednesday evening the situation had escalated  to the point where the city water main had to be shut off and Saskatchewan Ave was closed due to large amounts of ice building up.  We worked around the clock with the city and a construction company until Friday afternoon on a course of action that would allow our plant to run while the source of the leak is found.

We are now hooked up and running at full capacity off of a temporary water source and work begins today to find the origin of the leak.

Water is essential to our operation as it is used make a new batch of sand every 35-40 seconds and keeps our furnace coils cooled while in operation.

These delays last week cost of precious time and we did not get any further into the backlog.

Please contact Neal McCain, Sandra Stril or myself for further information.


Jeff Herdman.


Update Jan 31, 2018

Production is running well and we are now working through the back orders.  We are still 4 weeks away from clearing the backlog on the BP’s and 8 weeks for the H20 and H32.

Sandra and myself continue to work to understand the customers minimum quantities required to keep production lines running.

Please feel free to call me, and again, thank you for your patience during this time.

Jeff Herdman


Update Jan 29, 2018

We had a productive weekend in terms of casting processing and working on equipment.  Our daily production level trended upwards last week and start up went well today.  Orders are currently shipping an average of two weeks late.  Our current lead times reflect how long it should take us to produce the backorders and get current with all customers.


Jeff Herdman


Update Jan 24, 2018

Maintenance work continues on the areas that effect our output and quality.  It is important that we do not compromise on the quality through these issues so shutting down a line for 1 or 2 hours to make adjustments during production is essential.

Some progress has been made this week getting through some of the back log but we are still focusing on running minimum quantities required to keep customers production lines running.

Please feel free to contact Sandra or myself to discuss


Jeff Herdman
Operations Manager


Update: Jan 23, 2018

Our weekend maintenance crew and outside contractors made significant progress over the weekend.

Mondays 24 hours production was much higher than any single day last week but we are only at 90% of our capability.  We are monitoring and making adjustments as needed while production is running on all 3 shifts.  There is another full crew scheduled for this coming weekend.

We met with members of CME yesterday to have some outside eyes review how we are handling this equipment situation and there were several key take aways.  We thank them for their input.

Sandra and myself will continue to provide updates for specific orders as we work through the back orders.

Thank you,

Jeff Herdman
Operations Manager



Jan 19, 2018.


As you are aware we are currently behind schedule on all molding lines.

Equipment issues have severely impacted our production output over the past two weeks.  While none of the issues are catastrophic, they have been stubborn and have slowed down our production output.

Our Maintenance team and outside contractors continue to address these issues around the clock and will continue to do so through the weekend.

This page will be updated as developments unfold.

Getting caught up is our number one priority and we thank you for your patience.

Jeff Herdman
Operations Manager